Lantor Coremat® is a nonwoven core material designed to replace glass mats in hand lay-up and spray-up laminates. Using Coremat® saves production time and costs. Furthermore, it adds an impressive stiffness to your product and minimizes the use of resin since the Coremat® is filled with microspheres.

Function of Coremat® in Laminates:
Coremat® improves stiffness by eliminating several layers of glass fiber. No unnecessarily cutting, impregnating and rolling of several layers of glass fiber to obtain the thickness of the core.

Coremat® can be used to replace the core in laminates of e.g.: boats and yachts, ski boxes, horse trailers, swimming pools, kit cars, cladding panels, telephone booths, wind mills, aeroplanes, trailers, and many more. In thin laminates with Plywood and foam.

Lantor Coremat® is a registered trademark of Lantor Inc.